I have so much anxiety about this, I can not even tell you. It seems so stupid that something like FOOD would stress me out, but holy moley. Let me try to put it into words for you.

I had decided that I would wait until 7 months to start introducing foods, simply because I didn’t think that Kinsey was ready for it. We would sit at the table and eat and she paid no attention to us. She isn’t sitting up fully yet, and since she clearly didn’t care about what we were putting in our mouths, I thought, we’ll wait. Well, for the last week, suddenly, Kinsey is REALLY interested in what we are eating. She was staring at us the other night as we put dinner into our mouths. I will even go as far to say as she is licking her lips a bit. I feel like a pretty big asshole every time I eat a meal in front of her. It’s like when you are hanging around a friend who is on a diet, and you are stuffing your face with cake and they are just staring at you with defeat. (FYI, I am NOT the kind of friend who would do this. If my friend was on a diet, I would be a little bit more considerate….just wanted to put that out there).

So, this morning, I was eating my granola/yogurt with berries, and Kinsey had her eyes locked on me. I knew better than to give her some of what I was eating, because you aren’t supposed to introduce dairy yet, so I thought, let’s give some bananas a shot. I cut up a banana and put it into the mesh feeder and handed it to her. Faces of total disgust. Curious? Definitely. But ultimately, disgust. It made me laugh hysterically, but all of that built up anxiety turned out to be just fine because she didn’t like it and it didn’t kill her.

However, here are the things that I am now stressed about…

Serving sizes?

What if she hates all foods? Will I be breast feeding for life?

How many times do I introduce the same food before I try another?

What if I feed her too much food and then my supply goes to crap?

I don’t want to give her rice cereal because I’ve read it isn’t necessary, and often times, upsets their stomachs. But, I bought organic baby oatmeal and it says “for babies who are ready to move on from rice cereal.” What the shit?! What does that mean?

Is it ok to just let her try foods from time to time, or if I start on this thing, am I fully committed?

I know that it isn’t about nutrition at this point, but I don’t want to delay to the point that I have a picky eater. Which brings me to the question, how do I prevent a picky eater in general?


Here I thought that breast feeding would be the hardest thing that I would ever do. But, the truth is, once I got it down, it is the easiest thing that I have ever done. Giving her real food? Something that I put into my body on a daily basis, well, that is stressful. Which really, how retarded, because I EAT FOOD EVERY SINGLE DAY AND I DO NOT DIE. I don’t even know. I went to Target this morning to pick up a few other items, and while I was there, I bought a bunch of Plum Organics foodies. Purchasing them, it got me kind of excited, but then once I put them into my pantry I actually thought to myself “I am not ready for this.” I’ve been reading Kelly Mom and trying to memorize her tips, but I feel like my questions are more paranoia related than actual serious fears. It seems so silly that I am this worked up about food. I mean really…this is just ridiculous.