That was a pretty heavy start to the week. I am blog exhausted and the week just got started.

Let’s talk about something else!

1) During Last Week’s Marriage Posts, my Dad sent me his contribution.

2) My Parents went to Las Vegas last week. I got this email from my Dad when they were at the airport.

TSA:  sir we want to check your carry on
Me:  have at it
TSA: sir do you have any sharp objects?
Me:  nope (and then I look away)
Me:  (still looking away)  absolutely (but I lied – because your Mom did)
TSA:  (presenting me a knife)  IS THIS YOURS?
Me:  oh yeah, that’s my apple knife

(They often bring a knife to the office to cut apples, it was left in the bag. TSA was not amused).

3) THE BACHELORETTE. Why do I watch this show? I have no idea.

Team Jef won the Bachelorette. I have been routing for Jef for most of the season. Partly, because he’s from SLC, partly because of his awesome hair, and partly because I just had a feeling. When I was watching the finale, during commercial breaks, I realized that my cheeks were hurting. It was from smiling…at the stupid television. Bryant would walk by me just staring, and I’d try to quickly wipe the smile of my face and fake a face of disgust. It was not convincing. Also, Arie is a doofus. When he presented that box of dead roses to Emily’s family, I about peed myself. I’m certain that her family was totally faking it when they called the gift “thoughtful.” It was weird. And a little bit creepy. What were they going to do with it had she picked Arie? Set it up on the mantle next to the ashes of Great Aunt Susan? Weird. Additionally, I do not understand how Emily always has a bench easily accessible when it’s time to break up with one of the guys’. Its like the producers are trying to prevent that awkward rain breakup/first kiss moment that she had with the single Dad. “No, Emily, let’s just go ahead and use this bench.” And since I’m talking about break-ups, I’m really sad that Sean was sent home. I wish Emily would have kept him at least for the final two so that we could have seen Sean jump out of the limo and go running after Emily again. I really miss watching him run after her. He did it so predictably, I’m really bummed he didn’t make his exit limo turn around so he could get in a final plea. AND, I’m a little bit pissed that Jef is moving to Charlotte. I had worked out a pretty solid plan where Emily and I “accidentally” run into each other at Liberty Park, and we become best friends for life. She invites me over for a barbecue. Chris Harrison is there. I figure out a way to single handedly steal his job, and change the “Rose Ceremony” to more of a Pie Eating Contest.

4) Bachelor Pad. Because the Bachelorette didn’t suck up enough of my time. Erica Rose is and will always be my favorite. She is mean, and ridiculous, but the stuff that comes out of her mouth is absolutely hysterical. When she called the boy fan an “ugly loser,” I was laughing out loud. And of course when she said she didn’t want to be partners with any of the fans, “That would be like having the help sleep in bed with you, its inappropriate.” I can’t wait for her to say other uppity/princess like things. I did not see her wear her crown however, and that disappointed me a lot.

5) Buzzfeed is my favorite. Here we have the 31 Different Faces of President Barack Obama.

Happy Tuesday Everyone.