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“I wonder what God is trying to tell us?”

This insensitive and shitty comment made me LOSE it last week. It is not the first time I have heard Christians say things of this nature in response to natural disasters, but because the Waldo Canyon Fire in Colorado Springs was my home, I became a bit more irate.

Here’s the truth:

God is not an asshole.

That is fact.

I do not understand why Christians feel like they need to have an explanation for everything, but in trying to do so, they have said idiotic and ultimately hurtful things. Tsunamis, Hurricanes, Earthquakes, and FIRES, these are all natural disasters that happen because we live on earth, not in heaven. God loved us, so he came to save us, Jesus changed the course of history, so to say that God caused these things to happen, well, it is just stupid. God is not an asshole.

We do not need to have an answer for everything, and the truth is that, we do not know the answer to everything. Responding with hurtful comments like “God is judging the pagans, and the gays” or “God is punishing the feminists” (cough, cough, Pat Robertson), it is flat out wrong.

So, on Tuesday, the Waldo Canyon Fire came over the mountain and started being all erratic and terrifying and burned a lot of homes. I was frantically refreshing my Twitter feed looking for updates. On Wednesday morning, Colorado Springs was trending. I clicked and one of the top 5 tweets was from a jerk saying that God was punishing Colorado Springs for Focus on the Family and other Christian organizations for judging the gays. She was trying to be funny. It was not funny. And while I understand that a few Christians have made these same kind of blanket statements in the past when these kinds of natural disasters have occurred (cough, cough, Pat Robertson), it was a pretty inappropriate joke to make while many homes were burning (and some, I am sure, belonging to not just Christian families). I am tired of it. I am sick of the stupid comments from people who think they know the answer for everything. It is hurtful. It is unbiblical. It is just dumb.

God did not make that fire happen. They are investigating the cause, and even arson has been thrown into the mix. That is how the fire started. The conditions made it difficult to get the fire under control and homes burned. That is what happened. As Christ followers, we should not be asking why God did this, we should be responding with love, and prayer, and compassion for those that lost.

Today’s heat: If you can’t be loving, then just shut the hell’s up.

Rant over.