I had planned on doing a “Motherhood” post every week; but, alas, pregnancy and it’s sheer bitchiness decided to take over my life for a few weeks and once again ruin any and all ‘plans.’

Real quickly, for the curious minds, I am 31 weeks and 3 days. Kinsey is sprouting and apparently the size of 4 naval oranges. I had my ticker checked multiple times in the last couple weeks and am still calling my repeated fainting episodes a mystery.

This Week : The Gain.

Weight gain is always associated with fatness. We have ourselves trained to give a shriek every time we step on the scale. With pregnancy, you are supposed to somehow just go with it. My OB told me to eat normally. He did not say “you are now eating for two.” This is a serious pregnancy myth causing excessive weight gain, gestational diabetes, and malnutrition. I am no expert, but I’ve found that I am more repulsed by brownies now that I am pregnant because my brain immediately pictures me trying to feed a newborn a brownie while respectable Moms are screaming “CHILD ABUSE!! STOP!” See what I’m saying?! So no, I don’t really “crave” sweets because I am a little freaked about feeding my baby starbursts. Yes, I enjoy the occasional milk shake or chocolate bar, but I believe my over analyzing of what I am putting into my body is what has allowed for me to stay on track in the weight gain department. I have put on 12 pounds in 31 weeks. I have no real comparison on if this is good or bad, but my OB always praises me so I’m feeling good about it.

The Gain. It’s complex. It’s stressful. And honestly, every single day, I think about how awesome it will be when I can go back to focusing on losing & maintaining because that is easier than gaining. I want to run 4 miles a day again and not feel like an under baked infant is going to drop out of my uterus and onto the sidewalk. Pregnancy ain’t easy folks, it ain’t easy.

So, I leave you with this: maybe if our country wasn’t so thin obsessed, pregnant women wouldn’t take the positive on the pee stick as a free 9 month ticket to eat like total shit. I think they want a break from trying so hard so they don’t try at all, for 9 months straight. Then, they blame pregnancy for the rest of their lives as the reason why they can’t get back on track. I don’t know. Ask me about this again in a few months.