Bryant listed his keyboard on Craigslist, and the response he got was just too good not to share. To be honest, this chain of emails left me more impressed by this hippie and her zeal for music than concerned, but regardless, I laughed uncontrollably when Bryant showed me this. This kind of material is impossible to fabricate.

“Greetings, I am a young musician looking to flourish thru the world of piano. I am very interested in this beautiful piano. Please let me know if it’s still available and how we could arrange and meeting.”

…Bryant was too frightened to reply which led to a follow up email…

“Blessings, I am writing to communicate how I am falling in love with your keyboard online… and to express how much I would love to buy this instrument from you. If it is still in your possession and you are considering who to sell it to, I would be the perfect person. An enthusiastic, divinely inspired 26 yr old woman, on the verge of breaking into her musical career. Help this artist out, and consider making her dreams come true with this awesome keyboard.”

That same divinely inspired lunatic you just read about about, my husband talked to on the phone. He described her as a crazy Ashland hippie and I am now deeply depressed that I didn’t get to talk to her myself. Also, in case you are wondering how it turned out, she found another keyboard…one that spoke to her at Guitar Center. Too bad. Would have loved to find out what kind of car she drives.